Glass tubular spirit level bubble vial
  High precision level vials
  Precision level vials
  Bent glass level vials
Glass circular spirit level bubble
  Glass circular spirit level bubble
Metal spirit level
  Instrument spirit level
  Metal circular bubble levels
Plastic circular spirit level bubble
  Plastic circular level bubble
Plastic tubular spirit level vials
  Plastic tubular level vials
Spirit levels
  Torpedo spirit levels
  2 Axis spirit levels
  Mini spirit levels
Sensor vial
  Sensor vial
Self illuminated spirit level
  Metal self illuminated bubble level
Special spirit level bubble
  Special spirit level bubble
  Camera spirit level


Surveying and mapping sector grows stronger

With the increase of demands of surveying and mapping services and the development of surveying and mapping market, the size of surveying and mapping sector has been growing continuously. By the end of 2007, the number of organizations with surveying and mapping qualifications grew to 10952 with 240,000 employees, a 10.4% increase than the year before. (Source:SBSM)

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