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HUIDE Level Instrument Co, Ltd is a leading Chinese manufacturer of spirit level bubble vials.
We have advanced technology, strict inspection systems and significant research and development
capability. We have several hundred products that include the following level bubble vials:
Glass tubular spirit level bubble vial
Glass circular spirit level bubble
Metal spirit level bubble
Plastic tubular spirit level bubble vial
Plastic circular spirit level bubble
Self illuminated spirit level
Spirit level
Electronic spirit level bubble vial
Electronic Compensators
All our products meet national standard GB 1146-89 and ROHS for the European market. We supply
   our products to many customers both domestic and overseas and have become OEM to many leading companies. Our products are well renowned and widely used in instruments for Surveying, Lasers, Inspection,Electronic weighing electronic tools and others.
   HUIDE fully respects employees aspirations and gives them space for development. To ensure employees safety we give regular on the job and safety training and we provide our workers with regular holidays to enjoy happiness at work and in their home lives.
  HUIDE pays particular attention to the environment. In production, we reject poisonous materials and provide our employees with a comfortable working environment. We regard protecting the environment as our duty.
  HUIDE has an experienced technology team. Our goal as a professional manufacturer is to provide honest, prompt, service to our clients using appropriate technology and make every effort to develop our capabilities alongside our clients.
  HUIDE aims to continue to be your best supplier and partner on your way to success.

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